How To Avoid An Electrical Fire

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Author: Ms Michelle P Neff OH EL/PL 17678  Date: 2014-03-06

Avoiding Electrical Fires

Today we enjoy the use of electricity in out homes to the point we can take this useful source of energy for granted, we complain if its out for an hour, and go out of our minds if its out for a week or more. We expect it to be present on demand 24/7 if its not , well some heads will roll.

Its lovely that since Benjamin Franklin first harnessed the power of the Lightning bolt , then tooThomas Alva Edison's development of the incandescent lamp-- the use of electricity began. With it,Codes and Regulations for the safe use of this most destructive and extremely dangerous energy source.

The Code is National Fire Protection Associations Electrical Code and yes , it is a Fire Code, and while I am an electrical and plumbing contractor, I am a retired Firefighter and my Job as an electrician is to see to it that my customer installations are safe, I'm a State Licensed Professional. Many that do electrical work are not-- that said; I will get on with avoiding an electrical fire in your home.

If you have an older home examine the quality of the wiring in your home, flexible cord condition, a few things that are generally noticeable is the insulation stiff and brittle does it flakeand break easily? Does it just look bad to you. What is its age, what is the age of your circuit breakers , load centers, and fuses? Are any of the Circuit breakers warm to the touch, Do any of the wires appear to be burned or have been hot, is their black ooze coming off a wire or out of a light socket, switch or outlet? If your system is older then fifty years or any answers to the questions is yes, Your system is most likley an electrical fire waiting to happen.

Generally an Electrical Installation lasts fifty years if yours is older then that it may be time to do some updating. Like Lighting--over current devices have come along way; we have Arch Flash interrupters, they are designed to recognize and parallel arch flash in a two wire cord and open the circuit before a fire starts. Then we have the Ground Fault Current interrupter this is the only device designed to protect people from harm during the use of electricity. Maximize safety , by keeping you system safe. Replace worn damaged cords,and wiring update to GFCI's in the Kitchen garage and outdoor and basement outlets, add AFCI protection to your bedrooms , If you have questions seek the services of only a licensed professional if you have any questions,. mMst of all be safe and continue to use this marvelous efficient source of energy for life.

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