A Working Backflow Device Assures A Clean Healthy Glass Of Water For Everyone

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Author: Ms Michelle P Neff OH EL/PL 17678  Date: 2014-03-08

A Working BackFlow Device Is Healthy For Everyone

An Inadvertent cross connection is any place water can flow backwards into the public water supply from a point of use, and contaminate the water. Any time your house or building goes to negative water pressure it can occur if their is not a back flow device in place of some kind.

Why is it that when we plumb a bath tub the spigot is always above the side of the bath tub? That is called in back flow terms an air gap in insures that if the potable water goes to negative pressure water cannot flow backwards into the public water system. That is the reason no bathtub installed by a plumber has a water inlet below the water surface.

Ever notice that your toilet has a filler tube that stops above the water surface and is held above the flush tube if its properly installed that is well above the water's surface in the tank - that is to keep tidy bowl from ending up in your coffee cup. It's amazing engineers never sleep they just keep coming up with these things.

so your new home has an irrigation system - to keep the grass green. Just imagine a fire down the street an fore engine takes the hydrant in front of your house while your sprinkler is in full watering mode - As the Fore engine starts to supply the fire lines you see the water stop flowing out of your lawn sprinklers. The reason you don't get a glass full of Scotts plus two in your glass is a back flow valve required to be on the supply side of the irrigation equipment. It closes and vents to break a siphon to keep water from flowing backward thus: insures the safety of the public water supply, which by the way is a plumbers first responsibility.

This is why if they are not inspected annually the City Shuts off your water. We as consumers take a glass of clean water for granted but in reality to insure that clean glass of water takes a Herculean effort by an army of experts every day. One of the principal things is to insure that their can be no contaminating inadvertent cross connections, no matter what happens, thus we must make certain that back flow devices be it an air gap, reduced pressure assembly or a vacuum breaker are in place and that they work-- its everyone's repsonsibility..

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