How Can I Make My Water Heater Last Longer?

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Author: Ms Michelle P Neff OH EL/PL 17678  Date: 2014-03-08

Hot Water Heaters

Water heaters are amazing wonderful things, in my book the moist economical way to have hot water on hand 24/7 remains the tanked hot water heater. For that reason this page will be devoted to the tanked hot water system in that thankless systems are for place where less then 2 Gallon per Minnie is needed with an occasional 5 gallon GPM requirement. I find them pathetically useless..  as well as very expensive.

A tanked Hot water heater has a source of heat that can be a burner fueled by LP or Natural Gas or fuel Oil, Or Electricity. It's tank can be anything from 6 gallons to 100 gallons. It has a sacrificial anode  and is generally today, glass lined  it will be equipped with a Temperature and Pressure valve ( this is its safety that keeps it from becoming a missile and going thorough your roof if it malfunctions.  

When water is heated tow things generally happen, it expands, and every mineral that is in it separates under pressure, and lines the tank covers the anode ort rather attacks it, and covers electrodes, and covers the bottom of the tank. It easy to recognize then that the first step in getting the tank to last longer is to get rid of the junk left behind during the process of making hot water.

So once a month drain about a bucket full of water from the hot water heater, once a year drain the tank and  remove and examine the sacrificial anode for its rate of consumption if high replace the anode. If you use a water softener with and your water has sulfur in it you may want to install one of zinc. Once the anode is consumed the tank will fail quickly ergo keep the anode fresh. remove and Inspect the Pressure relief vale what we are looking for is a build up of minerals that will keep it form functioning if the tank malfunctions-- this is for safety's sake.  If an electric remove the heating electrodes and examine them for a build up of minerals if  they are heavily coated replace them with along with the upper and lower thermostat, This will keep the tank operating at maximum efficiency and keep it making hot water for many years to come.

If gas take out the main burner examine the condition of the pilot furnace, and thermocouple or thermopile, if they look bulbed at the end replace them that means they are about to fail. Clan the main burner and main burner orfice. If this is done annually your water heater will most likley last 40 years or more mine did.

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