Arch Flash Current Interrupters

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Author: Ms Michelle P Neff OH EL/PL 17678  Date: 2014-03-08

Arch Flash Current Interrupters

Local Building Officials in Franklin County and the City of Columbus, along with the State of Ohio do not require Circuit protection to be updated in existing Buildings when their is  code change for new buildings. The reason for this is actually a constitutional one that those installations are under the
'grandfather clause".  that means they existed prior to the change in the Code, But that does not mean the safety conscious persons does not want to consider using them. They do greatly reduce fire hazards involved with the use of two wire lamp and extension cords.

The arch flash interrupter is a circuit breaker device that actually recognizes the signature of a parallel arch flash. That's remarkable you might be saying but what is a parallel archflash? and why is this important?

When the code change first came into the code, Arch flash interrupters were only required ion new construction in the Bed rooms, the rationale was easily understood because that is where most small two wire cords are left plugged in for years and years. The cord becomes brittle and cracks, then their is a small arching between the two wires, many of those cords are close to textiles and other everyday combustibles, Now you might be say their is a fuse or a circuit breaker on the circuit, Yes their is but many times the flash is involving just a stand or two of the exposed wire, then burns off, never creating a high enough in rush current to trip the breaker thus: while its doing that molten metal flies into the bed spread and a fire results.

The arch flash interrupter greatly limits the possibility of this occurrence in that it detects the smallest parallel arch and shuts off the power. Then a fire can be avoided.

Arch Flash interrupters are a very good investment in your homes safety.

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