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Need a Plumber?

Need a Plumber?

If you're looking for an experienced, knowledgeable plumbing contractor in the Franklin County, Ohio area, look no further than Neff Electric & Plumbing Services, LLC. Neff has been in business since 1920, and is family owned and operated. Neff is your complete full-service plumbing contractor with all of the necessary experience and expertise to get your plumbing work done right, done on time, and done at an affordable price.

Plumbing contractor - Columbus OH

discount coupon for water heaterAre you looking for repair work or installation work done on toilets, sinks, tubs, or faucets? Neff has plenty of experience and expertise in this area of plumbing work. Your bathroom or kitchen utilities will look and operate like brand new.

Maybe you suspect or know of a leak in your home, but you can't pinpoint where it is. Neff is the plumbing contractor that understands all about leak detection, so that you don't have to worry about any more water damage or through-the-roof water bills.

Hot Water Heaters

Neff is the plumbing contractor that can take care of needs in the areas of hot water heaters (both electric and gas), water filtering systems including filters and softeners, water and drainage pipe replacement, and even hot water circulation pumps. Not every plumbing contractor is up the task of handling people's needs in these crucial and often complicated areas. As a matter of fact, Neff can even service you if you need help with reverse osmosis water filter installation or repair work. Even sewer repairs and re-piping are important tasks that Neff Electric & Plumbing services can take of for you at a price that you can afford.

Bathroom & Kitchen Plumbing

All your bathroom plumbing needs.

All your bathroom plumbing needs.

Are you looking for some home plumbing improvements or some bathroom or kitchen remodeling that will require plumbing work to be done? Maybe you're looking for all of those things. Neff is the contractor that can do it all for you! It's always advantageous to be able to keep multiple workloads under one roof, since it saves you time, hassle, and probably money. Being a one-stop contractor is what Neff is all about.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Contractor

Neff Electric & Plumbing, LLC is a contractor that provides residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing services. Michelle Neff, who entered the business at the age of 16 when she became an apprentice to her grandfather and father, is a licensed Master plumber. She does new construction as well as major and minor repair work and servicing work.

Neff Electric & Plumbing is also the plumbing contractor that you can turn to for complete home safety inspections. The best way to take care of plumbing problems is to prevent them from happening! And if a plumbing problem is just forming, one that you don't know about, there's no better way to save yourself all kinds of hassle, and money, than to nip it in the bud. Neff is a contractor that can provide you with this critical home inspection service.

So, if you're looking for a plumbing contractor for any reason, don't hesitate to give Michelle Neff a call!